Coach Milo “We have passion for Athletics but no support”

Coach Milo “We have passion for Athletics but no support”

Mr. Ruben Nartey is the head Coach of Krobo Athletics Club which is based in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Mr. Nartey completed Akro Senior Technical School, Odumasi Krobo, and since then started his own running club to train athletes in the region.

Mr. Nartey is popularly recognised in the field of athletics as Coach Milo. He is a coach cum athlete now. During his school days, he won the best athlete in Akro Senior Technical School three consecutive times. Coach Milo is still an athlete and he placed third at the maiden edition of the Koforidua Marathon 2020.


Coach Milo’s dream as a student-athlete was to become one of the best athletes and be able to represent Ghana on the international stage. Unfortunately, he couldn’t achieve his dreams due to a lack of support.

Becoming a professional athlete entails a lot and individual athletes need the maximum support either from families, institutions, companies, or individuals who can sponsor them. Ghana as a country has a lot of talents that are wasted due to the similar situation Coach Milo faced. Coach Milo “We have passion for Athletics but no support”.

Coach Milo upon completion of Senior High School decided to nurture athletes from the Eastern Region because he has seen that there are a lot of potentials that always go wasted each time.

READ ALSO had a chat with Coach cum athlete Milo and he said “we have the passion and love for the game but no support is coming from anywhere. And their motto is no money every day”.

Coach Milo also cited a lot of examples and he mentioned the new record holder in Ghana in the 100m dash, Benjamin Azamati is also from the Eastern Region.

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May 2022
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