Coach Koora Applauds Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) Championship Organisers

Coach Koora Applauds Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) Championship Organisers

Mr. Paul K. Tuffour was a former Ghanaian International Athlete. He was among the best Ghanaian past athletes we have ever seen. After his successful athletics career, with the experience gained he entered into coaching. Mr. Paul Tuffour is now a certified athletics coach and he has been coaching for almost 20 years. He is popularly known as “Coach Koora”. Coach Koora is not only good in athletics but as an MC of programs. Coach Koora applauds Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) Championship organisers.

Coach Koora was selected as the MC of the first-ever Ghana Armed Forces Open Championship that was held on Friday 1 October 2021 at the Elwak Sports Stadium in Accra. He did tremendous work and even he was commended by all the high-profile dignitaries presented at the mega event.

“The Ghana Armed Forces Championship organisers have done very well for putting up a well-class event in Ghana during the coronavirus pandemic which has caused great damage to our sports in general. I want this championship to be organised each year to help the athletes and prepare them for major international competitions,” said Coach Koora.

According to him if the Ghana Armed Forces are able to maintain their team, they can excel and most of them can represent Ghana in the upcoming African Games 2023.

He also took us back during their olden days, he said that there were a lot of competitions that were being organised and they do participate in them. But this time is different, there are very few competitions. There were events like junior championships, senior championships, and invitational games which helps the athletes to prepare themselves very well ahead of the major competitions.

Coach Koora also disclosed to Athleticshour, his new project and collaboration with Coach Kelly Ricketts, a UK Athletics Performance Coach, and a Jamaican International Athletics Coach as well. Coach Kelly will be coming to Ghana to scout athletes and give them scholarships to study in Jamaica and United States. He is expected to arrive in Ghana in the coming weeks.

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