Coach Elorm “I am very sad and disheartened”

Coach Elorm “I am very sad and disheartened” cited a mouthpiece note on the official Facebook page of Coach Elorm. He is one of the outstanding coaches in West Africa currently when it comes to sprints. He made this comment due to the ongoing World Athletics Under 20 Championships which no Ghanaian athlete is representing in any of the disciplines. In his comments, he made some examples and asked few questions about the financial situation between the Ghana Athletics and Ghana Football.

Coach Elorm said “I am very sad and disheartened.
Please permit my indulgence as I pour my frustration out.

Before I proceed, I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate Team Nigeria U-20 4x400m mix relay team for winning Gold in the ongoing World Athletics U-20 Championship in Kenya.

The World Athletics U-20 Championship is currently ongoing and Ghana did not present even a single athlete. Is it that we do not have U-20 athletes to represent the country? Or we were so concentrated on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics that we forgot to make plans for the U-20 World Championship? Or we just didn’t care? Or is it that we do not have money as usual? Or is that Ghana lacks developmental plans which would have given our young athletes the opportunity to grow progressively and gain confidence to take on their opponents from other countries? Coach Elorm “I am very sad and disheartened”.


These are some of the questions bothering my mind.

The country is being wasteful in terms of talents (and by this I mean in all the sporting disciplines) because we have so many potentials out there but there is no roadmap for the growth of sports as a Nation.

Benjamin Azamati, Joe Paul, Sean Sarfo, Joseph Menu, Sarfo Ansah, and Emmanuel Yeboah to mention just these few might not be at the same level in the next 10 years and the young athletes that have been deprived of the opportunity to showcase their talents as they represent the Nation in the ongoing U-20 Championship in Kenya would have been the ones to call on to soar the colors of the Nation high.


About 2 months ago, The Ghana Black Meteors went on a tour in Asia and nearly conceded about 100 goals but if today they are to represent Ghana in a major tournament, they will get the needed supports from the government and other stakeholders.

Sadly, no one is talking about it. No one is asking questions and it would remain a normal phenomenon.
These young athletes train every day under harsh and deplorable conditions to keep themselves in shape for opportunities like this.


We have the World Athletics Championship in less than a year, there is the Commonwealth Games and Africa Games in the next 2 years and then there is also the Olympics games in 3 years, what are we going do differently?”

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July 2022
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