Coach Elorm: How Many Active Sports Women & Men Had Died Of Covid?

Coach Elorm: How Many Active Sports Women & Men Had Died Of Covid?

The world witnessed a sudden change and everything became a stand still. Although there had been series of diseases and it comes in different ways. There are basically four different ways that a disease can be described as the global risk.

An epidemic can be described as a disease that affects or spread a large number of people in a certain geographical area. This type of disease is always within a community, population or region in an enclosed area. When coronavirus was only in Wuhan, China it was an epidemic.


An endemic can also be reviewed as something that is often localized to a specific or particular location. An endemic disease is malaria which is only visible in some parts of Africa only.

A pandemic is the upgraded form of an epidemic. When an epidemic travels from one country to multiple countries it becomes a pandemic. Coronavirus is now a pandemic but the same disease was once an epidemic.

An outbreak can happen anywhere at any time. If an outbreak is not quickly controlled, it can become an epidemic and later a pandemic when it countries or spread to a different country. There have been series of outbreaks that has been controlled while others became pandemic. The big example is the 21st century coronavirus that’s the covid-19.

The sports fraternity has witnessed a decline in most of their events from 2019 till date. Most of the competitions had been called off or postponed while others had been ban indefinitely. Coach Elorm: How many active sports women & men had died of covid?Elorm: How many active sports women & men had died of covid?

In the lime line sporting activities has been going on in most of the countries. Ghana, one of the Western African countries has put a ban on sporting activities from the basic, primary, junior high, senior high, vocational, technical, training colleges and the tertiary institutions. That means there is a red alert on sports which shouldn’t be done in our various schools and institutions.

This issue has generated a lot of controversies among coaches, managers, athletes, sports pundits and the fans. There are different kinds of misconception about this covid-19, others are saying there is no such disease that exist.


The covid-19 as we all know and the law of fitness that says a healthy immune system the natural way to boast is through exercise. This said exercise has also been ban while the biological and scientific methods are now in place that’s the vaccination.

One of the renowned coaches in West Africa yesterday wrote on his Facebook page “if I may ask, how many active sports women and men had died of covid-19 so far? I am finding it very difficult to understand why we can’t play school sports”.

By Sekyere Richard

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