Chevron Houston Half Marathon Elite Field Announced

Chevron Houston Half Marathon Elite Field Announced | Chevron Houston Half Marathon | Ethiopia | United States | Sunday | 16 January | 2022 | World Athletics Elite Label | Road Race |

The elite fields for the Chevron Houston Half Marathon have been revealed for both men and women. Chevron Houston Marathon elite field announced. Chevron Houston Half Marathon elite field announced.

Shadrack Korir of Kenya (59:27 PB), who finished third two years ago in Houston, will lead a strong men’s half marathon field, while Vicoty Chepngeno (PB 1:07:22) will lead a strong women’s half marathon field that features seven runners under one hour and ten minutes.

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Women elite half marathon

Vicoty Chepngeno (KEN) 1:07:22
Monicah Ngige (KEN) 1:07:29
Sara Hall (USA) 1:08:58
Caren Maiyo (KEN) 1:09:20
Sarah Pagano (USA) 1:09:41
Emily Durgin (USA) 1:09:47
Maegan Krifchin (USA) 1:09:51
Andrea Ramirez Limon (MEX) 1:10:20
Dominique Scott (ZAF) 1:10:42
Elaina Tabb (USA) 1:10:44
Nell Rojas (USA) 1:10:45
Julia Griffey (USA) 1:11:04
Emily Setlack (CAN) 1:11:41
Dakotah Lindwurm (USA) 1:11:43
Maor Tiyouri (ISR) 1:11:50
Paige Stoner (USA) 1:11:53
Jessica Judd (GBR) debut
Fiona O’Keeffe (USA) debut
Maddie Alm (USA) debut

Men elite half marathon

Shadrack Kimining Korir (KEN) 59:27
Wilfred Kimitei (KEN) 59:40
Milkesa Mengesha (ETH) 59:48
Raymond Magut (KEN) 1:00:00
Bayelign Teshager (ETH) 1:00:31
Tsegay Tuemay (ERI) 1:00:50
Patrick Tiernan (AUS) 1:01:22
Reed Fischer (USA) 1:01:37
Rory Linkletter (CAN) 1:01:44
Reid Buchanan (USA) 1:01:45
Colin Mickow (USA) 1:01:47
Matt Llano (USA) 1:01:47
Harvey Nelson (USA) 1:01:48
John Raneri (USA) 1:01:51
Brogan Austin (USA) 1:01:52
Zouhair Talbi (MAR) 1:02:00
Kirubel Erassa (USA) debut

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