Breaking News: Ghanaian skier Kojo Benya qualifies for the Winter Olympic Games

Breaking News: Ghanaian skier Kojo Benya qualifies for the Winter Olympic Games

Breaking News: Ghanaian skier Kojo Benya qualifies for the Winter Olympic Games
Breaking News: Ghanaian skier Kojo Benya qualifies for the Winter Olympic Games. Kojo Benya Brown from Giswil (Obwalden) to Beijing (China) © ecodellosport


Your reporter neither gleaned nor went off track due to too many “Schnaps”. Mäder was originally called Kojo Beny Brown, the son of an American and a Ghanaian, born in the port city of Cape Coast on October 23, 1978. His father disappears and his mother left alone cannot raise him; at the tender age of eight months he was adopted by the Mäder family, at the age of three he began skiing on the slopes of Mörlialp and his sporting talent led him to the Under 18 of the Football Club Lucerne and to the youth selections of Central Switzerland.
In the absence of mountain massifs, the ski federations of Cape Verde and Gamaica have applied for sports asylum at the Liechtenstein one, thanks to which they were able to hold their national championships during the week on the slopes of Malbun, in the small Principality. A total of four giant slaloms were held. There were about thirty athletes from the two “organizing” countries as well as from Serbia, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Ghana, Argentina, Morocco, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Luxembourg; due to various problems, however, only ten showed up at the starting gate. Odermatt & co., Engaged in Wengen, were not there. So you ask yourself: what’s the point? We explain. To take part in the technical disciplines at the Games, 160 FIS points are required, which are collected with the results (and the gaps from the winner) in the competitions; the “smaller” the race the greater the chances of getting there, that’s the reason for the two national championships.
Exited in the second round of the first race, the Obwalden made up for it in the second, finishing fifth at 3.75 seconds behind the winner Strahinja Stanisic (Serbia) and collecting 75 FIS points. At 43, Mäder has no great medal ambitions in Beijing, where he shows up for the first time at the Winter Games. Four years ago he missed the qualifications for a very short time, despite a tenth place in the international slalom in Darbandsa, Iran, but with a Ghanaian passport that had been given to him a few months earlier by Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong, known as Snow Leopard, former – also a skier and president of the Ghanaian federation. Another great result – due to the proportions considered – in his career was the 93.
Von Hohenlohe, 63 years old on February 2nd, Mexican, Spanish, Austrian and Liechtenstein passports, married to Simona Gandolfi cousin of Alberto Tomba, is an old regular of the Games since 1980 to date he hasn’t missed any edition, arriving in a few weeks to his … twelfths. We will come back to talk about it in due course. He was also in Malbun: the prince finished sixth six seconds behind the winner but three ahead of Jamaican Benjamin Alexander. The best exponent of his country, the Saudi ski hero Fayik Abdi instead restarts without points after two runs: the sports page that wanted him to be the first participant in the Winter Games for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia disappeared.
Let’s go back to Giswil. From here, Carlos embraced studies in economics, marketing and communications. He is always linked with his mother and with the country of origin that he often visits. There won’t be any Olympic medals in Beijing for him, but his belief is this: “I don’t do it to win. Rather, I want to set a good example and show young people in Switzerland and Ghana that everything can be done with the will and the necessary effort – no mountain is high enough ”. Anyone who wants to follow him can do so through his website
About Kojo Benya Brown

“My name is Carlos Maeder aka Carlos Brown aka Kojo Benya Brown and I am a ski racer starting for my native country Ghana. For me there is more to sports than just winning. I want to set a good example and show young people in Switzerland and Ghana that you can do anything with the necessary will and effort – ain’t no mountain high enough!

I was born on 23.10.1978 in Cape Coast / Ghana. Since my mother was alone and could not feed me, she had to give me up for adoption. I was adopted by a Swiss family and grew up in the heart of Switzerland. Thanks to my Swiss parents, who maintained contact with my mother, I have remained in touch with Ghanaian culture all my life. Today I travel as much as possible to Cape Coast to visit my big family there.

Sport has always played an important role in my life. At the age of 3 years, I started skiing. Later I became a member of the regional ski racing team. As a teenager I last played in the U18 team of FC Lucerne and the regional youth selection.

In 2017, I had set myself a goal: I wanted to represent Ghana in the Olympic Winter Games. Unfortunately, I missed my dream due to a few missing FIS points. But with all the points I have earned, I will be participating in this year’s Ski World Championships in Åre (Sweden)”.

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