Breaking News: Ghana Armed Forces X-Country Route Revealed

Breaking News: Ghana Armed Forces X-Country Route Revealed | Ghana Armed Forces Cross Country Championship | Ghana Athletics | Ghana Armed Forces | GAF | 

The maiden edition of the Ghana Armed Forces Cross-Country Championship route has been revealed. The course of the route is very impressive and athletes will enjoy it. The event is set to take place on Saturday, 29th January 2022. Breaking News: Ghana Armed Forces x-country route revealed we can confirm it. 

According to the organisers of the event, they want the race to meet the World Athletics Cross Country Standard. The route of the world cross country championships are exceptional and the organisers has vowed to make it happen. can confirm that the route is made of of small hills, muddy, sand, grass, obstacles and rough terrain. Be ready for a world class X-Country route in the maiden edition of the GAF X-Country Championship.

“This time all GAF Championships will be made standard so that when athletes get the qualifying times they can enter into any international race to participate”, said the head coach of the Ghana Armed Forces Athletics Team, W01 Moro Salifu.
The GAF Cross-Country Championship is an open race and everyone can register and take part. Registration is on going and now and it’s free for all athletes. {Register Here}.

The event will take place at the Air Force Golf Park in Accra around the 37 Military Base Camp.

Watch the full video of the route here.

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