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Breaking News: GAF Open Track and Field Championship Postponed



Ghana Armed Forces Open Championship postponed

Venue likely to be changed.

No date set yet.

New region likely to host the competition in 2022.  Ashanti Region (Baba Yara Sports Stadium), Central Region (Cape Coast Sports Stadium), Northern Region (Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium), KUNST (Paa Joe Sports Stadium)

The 2022 Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) open track and field championship has been postponed. The original date was scheduled to take place on Saturday, 12th March 2022.

According to our multiple sources, the venue is likely to be changed as well. But we don’t know the actual region that will host the biggest track and field event in Ghana for the first time.

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The EL Wak Sports Stadium is in a state of deterioration and according to alleged reports, the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) says that it doesn’t meet the standard and per the pedigree of the GAF open championship it can’t be hosted there. Breaking news: GAF Open Track and Field Championship postponed.

A new date is likely to be confirmed from next week and the venue also will be communicated. Currently, no date and venue have been chosen.


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