Blame Agents For Rising Doping Cases – Paula Radcliffe

Blame Agents For Rising Doping Cases – Paula Radcliffe

Agents are to be blamed for the rising doping instances in the sport currently, according to Paula Radcliffe. The former marathon world record holder Paula Radcliffe stated Sunday that athletes’ agents and managers had encouraged the rise in doping cases. Blame agents for rising doping cases – Paula Radcliffe.

The fight against doping will not be won, according to Radcliffe, a three-time world half marathon and world cross country champion, if the focus is solely on athletes and not the true troublemakers.

She stated that in most cases, agents and managers push athletes to the limit, forcing them to use illegal substances to satisfy their financial needs.

“We must take on the agents and managers since they are the people making the most money out of athletes,” Radcliffe stated.

“They are the biggest part of the doping scourge as they push athletes, some of them young, to take performance enhancing drugs.”

Affected athletes, according to Radcliffe, are left to pay a high price, suffer, and fall from grace to grass as the agents grab all of the money.

However, Radcliffe noted that doping has evolved into a complex issue that will require careful attention, particularly when it comes to athlete education.

“We need to start educating the young athletes on the dangers brought by doping and that one can still win without taking illegal substances. Adding that when she started her career, doping was there but everybody knew it was wrong.”

“Nowadays athletes are also being given the justification that it’s right because some athletes do it. It can never be okay since not everyone dopes. Explaining that the world must tell upcoming athletes that doping is cheating and it’s bad.” she added.

Doping, according to Radcliffe, deprives genuine athletes of their moment of glory and opportunity.

“By doping, you’re also robbing yourself of the opportunity to discover how truly great you can be.” “You may be proud of possessing something that isn’t yours,” Radcliffe added.

Radcliffe was speaking to the media on the margins of a press conference at Nairobi’s Eka Hotel, where she informed them on her upcoming Community Social Responsibility trip to Kenya

She has been gathering donations for the construction of the Shoe4Africa Children’s Cancer Hospital in Eldoret through her Paula’s Families on Track website.

The monies will be raised through the Equator 80km Relay, which will take place on December 24 from Timboroa to Eldoret and throughout the world.

Paula Radcliffe set the new marathon record at London Marathon in 2003. She won the London Marathon 3 times, three-time New York Marathon champion, and Chicago Marathon winner in 2002.

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