Birmingham 2022 Medal Sessions

Birmingham 2022 Medal Sessions

A total of 280 medals will be awarded to successful athletes this summer. Sports sessions within the Birmingham 2022 schedule invite you to the highly anticipated medal matches and finals as well as the ceremonies in which proud athletes will take to the podium.

The medal moments and ceremonies are filled with celebration and emotion, national anthems will fill the stadia and national flags will be raised in pride and recognition of elite sporting achievements. read more

These sessions are selling out, almost at the speed of Dina Asher-Smith completing a 100m sprint! They are some of the hottest tickets up for grabs and promise an action-packed day at the Games.

Sports for which these sessions are available span a variety of our 19 sports and 8 para sports, including those with spectator-worthy fast paced action, a vibrant party atmosphere and intense, focused competition. read more

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