Beijing 2022: GOC Secures New Physio For Carlos Maeder

Beijing 2022: GOC Secures New Physio For Carlos Maeder

Lawyer Mohammed Sahnoon, the Secretary-General of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC), acknowledged to GOC Communications that attempts to find a new trainer for Ghana’s single participant at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are nearly complete.

Mr. Sahnoon, who also serves as Team Ghana’s interim Chef de Maison, explained that Ghanaian skier Carlos Maeder was without a coach because his Austrian instructor Marc Gehrig was unable to travel to Beijing.

“We have negotiated for a substitute physio as an immediate replacement to assist the athlete ahead of his first event at the weekend”.
Ghana’s Flagbearer Carlos Maeder will have trainer Timothy Allardyce with him before he competes in the Men’s Giant Slalom event to open his Winter Games participation on Sunday 13th
February 2022 at 10:30 local time which will be 3:30 AM in Ghana.

To prevent a potential crisis, the GOC had to immediately put together a backup plan in consultation with the Games organisers and the athlete.

As the GOC engaged and made agreements with Beijing 2022 as a matter of urgency in getting accreditation for the physio, Maeder initially trained with the support of the IOC technical team on the ground.

“We are doing everything possible to ensure the athlete has a successful participation at these Games”
There is no need to be concerned, according to Ghana’s Chef de Maison, because all relevant processes and standards are being followed.
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