Aziz Mohammed Eyes GUSA Games Records

Aziz Mohammed Eyes GUSA Games Records

Aziz Mohammed Eyes GUSA Games Records
Aziz Mohammed Eyes GUSA Games Records

Ghana youth ECOWAS medallist, Aziz Mohammed has set his eyes on the Ghana University Sports Association (GUSA) Games record in the middle distance events.

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Aziz is among the best middle distance athletes in Ghana currently. He specialising in 1500m and 5000m in the track. He has represented Ghana in many occasions and won several medals as a youth athlete.


He currently holds the record in 1500m and 5000m in the Central Region Inter-Collegiate Games. He won the National Cross Country Championship that was held at Adjumako in the Central Region

In an exclusive interview with the ECOWAS medallist prior to his preparations towards the GAF x-country championship he disclosed to us that he didn’t actually enjoyed his 2021 season very well due to the coronavirus pandemic (covid-19).


“My training is going on well and preparation towards this competition is very high because. This season is a season of records because last year due to COVID we couldn’t put much effort in our competition but since our school sports is back again it will help us to build a strong and better team for any competition ahead of us, as compared to last year”, Aziz said.


Aziz is now continuing his education at the University of Ghana and he is part of the UG’s cross country team.

He is now coached by the renowned and phenomenal Coach William Akuka. Coach Akuka is among the pioneers of long distance athletes in Ghana, West Africa.

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