Athletics Clubs in Ghana 2021

Athletics Clubs in Ghana 2021 has pre-arranged if not all, at least most of the athletics clubs in Ghana. If you check and there is an athletics club in your community or town that is not listed here, please do well to prompt us. There will be frequent updates of these clubs until we get full of all the Athletics Clubs in Ghana.

The table below contains the name of the club, their location/town/city, their respective region, and the contact of the coaches/managers.

There will be frequent updates on the location and numbers of the respective coaches and managers.

We will include their social media handles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) amongst others in the next updates.

Note: This compilation is solely our work and it doesn’t mean when your club is here then it’s known by the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) and if not available here too then it’s also not known by GAA. This list has nothing to do with GAA.

Name Town Region Contact
1.       Arrows Athletic Club Amakom Ashanti 0243572767
2.       Daakye Runners Club Swedru Central 0546837366
3.       Great Ashanti Athletics Kumasi Ashanti
4.       Amuzu Athletics Club Accra Greater Accra
5.       Swift Athletics Club Kumasi Ashanti 0249096442
6.       Optimist Athletics Club Adenta Greater Accra 0243962686
7.      O. J. Athletics Club Kumasi Ashanti 0242951692
8.      Krobo Athletics Club Krobo Eastern 0246186315
9.      High Morale Athletics Club Cape Coast Central 0543639801
10.  One Mission Athletics Bortianor Accra 0575138033
11.  High-Speed Athletics
12.  Max Speed Athletics Club Tamale Northern
13.  Mega Athletics Club
14.  Sora Athletics Club
15.  Grace Mile Athletics Club Cape coast Central 0506305234
16.  Better Future Athletics Club Kumasi Ashanti 0244044570
17.  Cheetahs Athletics Academy Winneba Central 0241495946
18.  Heroes Athletics Club
19.  Divine Athletics Club Accra Greater Accra 0244633498
20.  Legon Creative Athletics Club Legon Accra 0274296762
21.  Western Region Athletics Takoradi Western
22.  Marvellous Athletics Club Winneba Central 0249359399
23. Tee-Agyei Athletics Club Kumasi Ashanti 0246159177


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