Athletes Geared Up For Asante Akyem Marathon Challenge 2021

Athletes Geared Up For Asante Akyem Marathon Challenge

The fourth edition of the Asante Akyem Marathon Challenge 2021 is set for an early-morning showdown. The Asante Akyem Marathon is the biggest sporting road race event in the Ashanti Region.
There are about 350 male athletes and 72 female athletes who have registered for the competition. The total is now 422 for both categories. There are two foreign nationals who have also registered to take part in tomorrow’s event. The start of the event is 6 am for both categories but there will be different starting points. Athletes geared up for Asante Akyem Marathon Challenge.

The male amateur athletes are to in a 21 km race from Konongo to Agogo while the females and the juveniles are to compete in a 10.5 km race. There will be prizes for all the winners and medals will be awarded for those who will place in the top 3 of each category.
The past winners of the competitions in all the previous editions are as follows:

William Amponsah 11km
John Kudanu 42.2km
Ishmael Arthur 42.2km

Elizabeth Azure 11km
Elizabeth Azure 42.2km
Elizabeth Azure 4w.2km

In all the previous editions both male and female athletes competed in the same distance. This is the first time there will be two different distances and separate starts. This is a measure taken to control and combat the coronavirus pandemic.

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