Asante Akyem Marathon Challenge Cash Prize Is Under Average

Asante Akyem Marathon Challenge Cash Prize Is Under Average

The Asante Akyem Marathon Challenge is an annual competition that is being organised in the Asante Akyem Agogo Municipality in the Ashanti Region.

The maiden edition of the event was an 11km route and it was won by William Amponsah and the cash prize and other incentives were very encouraging. This lured a lot of the athletes to participate in the second edition of the event. The winner was then sent to represent Ghana in the Dubai International Marathon.


The second edition of the competition was also won by John Kudanu and the organisers planned to send him to the Dubai International Marathon but unfortunately, the winner was not having all the required documents at that time. John was not able to travel but according to Coach Akakia the race organisers promised him that they will compensate his athlete on that occasion but up to date, nothing has been given to him. Coach Akakia confirmed it to

The 3rd edition was won by one Ghana Army Officer, Ishmael Arthur. The route was a full 42km. According to Coach Evans preparations were done in 2020 to send Ishmael to Dubai International Marathon but due to the covid-19 pandemic, it was canceled. But he said that he is still working with the race organisers to get Ishmael one race outside Ghana for him to compete.


Meanwhile, we don’t know that of the women if the same privilege was given to the winners of the women’s category. All the past editions of the Asante Akyem Marathon Challenge were won by Elizabeth Azure, now serving in the Ghana Armed Forces.

To read more about Elizabeth click here.

The 4th edition of the Asante Akyem Marathon Challenge this time won’t promise any athlete traveling opportunities but the race organisers decided to make it a cash prize for winners. This is the first time the organisers have brought out this to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

In the 4th edition, there will be two separate starts for both categories. The males are to compete in a 24km loop while the females and juveniles are to compete in a 12km route.

In the 21st century completing a 24km race and being given less than $850 is very infinitesimal and not acceptable. This does not encourage most of our youths to take sports seriously. Meanwhile, in the women category, the winner will receive about $300 equivalent as the prize.

Let’s all make athletics very interesting sports for all and encourage most of our youth to take it as a profession which can help them in the future. We all know that some are making it in life through sports while others have also landed big positions all through sports. Let us all come together to build a great and a big sport for our next generation. I know the organisers of the Asante Akyem Marathon Challenge can do something better than these cash prizes.


Below is the full list of the cash prizes in Ghana Cedi and the Dollar equivalent of the 4th edition of the Asante Akyem Marathon Challenge 2021


1 5,0000 833
2 3,000 500
3 2,000 333
4-10 200 33



1 2,000 500
2 1,000 166
3 500 83
4-10 100 16



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