As It Stands Now, It Is Undeniable Truth That Athletics Has Been Destroyed In Ghana – Godwin Adukpo Reveals

As It Stands Now, It Is Undeniable Truth That Athletics has been destroyed in Ghana – Godwin Adukpo Reveals

One of the top leading distance runners in Africa has been complaining a lot about the then and current situation of Ghana Athletics but it seems our leaders are adamant. As it stands now, it is undeniable truth that athletics has been destroyed in Ghana – Godwin Adukpo Reveals

Godwin Adukpo was a phenomenal athlete and among the experienced athletes in the running industry. He has won the biggest marathon, Milo Marathon in Ghana 4 major times. He has broken a lot of the Ghanaian records in most of the competitions from 1500m, 5000m, 10000m, to the marathon and cross country championships. He was born on 21st September 1986. The founder of Godwin Adukpo Foundation and Devine Athletics Club’s Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Athleticshour saw a post he posted on his page “Godwin Adukpo Foundation”. The said post was dated back on 1st October 2018 which means it is now 4 years since he wrote that story. But Adukpo has shared the same story again a day ago. He was talking about the situation at then during their time when he, Adukpo was an athlete.

The story he shared again kept most of the upcoming athletes worried and thinking. Does it mean that still there are no changes during their time and now?

His first paragraph talks about the bad leadership in our athletics although he did not mention any name. Read the article here

“As it stands now, it is undeniable truth that Athletics had been destroyed in GHANA due to selfish and greedy nature of the people in charge. All hopes of Athletes now is on the Universities because even the Security Services Sports Association SESA games had been a thing of the past”.

The second part of the story also talked about the commendations he gave to some of the universities in Ghana. Read the full article here.

” I would like to commend UG Sports directorate for the initiative to get Sportsmen and women stay on and glorify God with the special Talents. It takes only people with an in-depth understanding of talent to give that opportunity.”

The last part of the story was the suggestion and the way out and how his foundation is coming to help the Ghanaian Athletes in the coming years.

Read here

“Godwin Adukpo Foundation is coming out with a project that concentrates on managing and helping individuals to develop and make great deals out of their talents.

Watch Out”

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