Amala Food Recipe | How To Prepare Amala in Nigeria

Amala Food Recipe | How To Prepare Amala in Nigeria

Amala Food Recipe | How To Prepare Amala in Nigeria
Amala Recipe

By: Maryam Ibrahim

Amala is a dish popular in Nigeria’s South Western region. Yam flour (amala isu), cassava flour (amala lafn), and plantain flour (amala ogede) are the three types of amala. Amala Food Recipe | How to prepare amala in Nigeria in less than 30 minutes.

Yam flour is prepared by blending peeled and dried yam chunks into a powder. Its color is dark brown or black.

Cassava flour is formed from dried cassava that has been ground into a light powder.

Plantain flour is prepared from unripe plantains that have been peeled, dried, and mixed. In comparison to the other two versions, it has a lower carbohydrate content.

People with diabetes and those following a low-carb diet prefer this.

Amala is deliciously served with ewedu (jute mallow soup) or any other soup. This delectable Nigerian dish should not be missed!

Ogbono is a draw (slippery) soup prepared from ogbono (African mango) seeds that have been pureed.

This soup is popular among the Igbos in the south-eastern portion of Nigeria, but it is also appreciated in the South-West.

Palm oil, spices, meat, fish, and stock are frequently used. It’s best served with ba (cassava meal), amala, or pounded yam for a delicious combo.

Ogbono is high in fat, protein, iron, fiber, zinc, vitamins, potassium, calcium, and other nutrients, in addition to being delicious. It’s a Nigerian cuisine that’s packed with health advantages.

Ogbono is a simple, quick, and adaptable dinner. Depending on your preferences, it can be cooked with or without vegetables, okra, or egusi (melon seeds).

You may be sure that anyway it’s created, you’ll smack your lips in delight!

Everyone can enjoy this meal especially for athletes after your workout, after 30 minutes you need to eat a heavy meal like amala delicacy.

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