All These Aims Will Be In Vain If I Am Not Voted For – Gyefa Emmanuel Writes

All These Aims Will Be In Vain If I Am Not Voted For – Gyefa Emmanuel Writes

I’m Gyefa Emmanuel aka Saga. Motto (NO PAIN NO GAIN). I am Strong, energetic, and a vibrant athlete. All these aims will be in vain if I am not voted for – Gyefa Emmanuel Writes.

I developed my athletic career when I was in primary school. Through that, all the energy and the enthusiasm I have for the sports didn’t end there. I’m more passionate about athletics and through that, I was voted as sports prefect during my time in Senior High School, and since then it has become my number one priority. I was a sprinter when I developed an interest in athletics. Later I became the number one top JAVELIN thrower in GHANA. My aim was to become one of the best Javelin throwers in the world. And I’m still in preparation for my goal. I have competed in so many competitions both in Ghana and abroad.

I have competed in the Inter-Schools and Colleges Games in Ashanti Region, Regionals, Ghana University Sports Association (GUSA) Games, Nationals with so many laurels.

My contribution to Ghana athletics has inspired more athletes in Ghana, not to mention the likes of Nephew Mohammed, Numo Benjamin of Ghana Armed Forces, Bachelor Awudu of Ghana Immigration Service, Richard Bannor, and many more, and not to mention nothing but a few schools in Ashanti Region that I have helped in their success. Some of the schools are T. I. Ahmediyya Senior High School (AMASS), Kumasi Anglican Senior High School (KASS), Aduman Senior High School, and so forth.

Through these inspirations, I decided to form a keep fit club called (SAGA Keep Fit) so that all athletes will come together in Ashanti Region as one family.

Now it’s time I have to contest for the Ashanti Region Representative in this year’s elections. With all these qualities and qualifications, I have got what it takes to lift Ashanti Regional Athletics higher.

My main aims are:

  • The welfare of an individual athlete
  • Helping upcoming athletes to develop an interest in the sports
  • The Do’s and Donts in athletics
  • A way of getting an Identity card to every Ashanti athlete
  • Competition and effectiveness et more.

All these aims will be in vain when I’m n voted to be the Rep!

By Awal Sule Mohammed



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June 2022
  1. Ibrahim, I’m proud of you. I pray you reach where ever you want to 🙏🏽🤲🏽📿 I hope to see you…

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