[VIDEO] Al-Shabaab Militants Kill Six People In Kenya – Africa 

Al-Shabaab Militants Kill Six People In Kenya – Africa

Following the massacre of six individuals by alleged Al-Shabaab militants who raided Witho village on Sunday night, tensions are high in Witho, Majembeni, Mkunumbi, Nyatha, Kaisari, Mavuno, Poromoko, and other communities in Lamu West in Kenya, Eastern Africa. Al-Shabaab militants kill six people in Kenya as tension high – Africa

African Presidents must come together to eliminate these groups. They always attack from behind and the minority in the villages. Now the people of Lamu West are frightened and afraid they might return again.

Several homes were set on fire during the 10 p.m. attack, which was carried out by more than 30 highly armed extremists.

“According to a police report obtained by Nation.Africa, those killed included John Murimi, the owner of the Murimi Mangwe local liquor den, and his three casuals, Peter Musyoka, Maina Wanjege, and Peter Maina. The terrorists tied the four men’s hands behind their backs before torching them inside the booze store” said the statement of Nation.Africa

Others include Joseph Mwangi, a village elder from Witho who was stabbed in the stomach with a knife and beheaded in his home before it was set on fire.

Francis Kamau, the sixth victim, had gone missing early Sunday morning before his body was discovered with gunshot wounds along the road within the Witho retail area on Monday morning.

Africa has been on high alert of terrorist groups recently. A lot of attacks have been carried out in Western Africa especially Nigeria, Chad, and Burkina Faso.

The Eastern Militants group Al-Shabaab is among the deadliest terrorist groups in the world.

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