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Akuka William Pens Down Emotional Statement About His Athletics Career


Coach for Middle and Long Distance of University of Ghana, Cross-Country Team….Akuka William Pens Down Emotional Statement About His Athletics Career|| Well.. just as you made mention, athletes today could be lucky to have a new era; more opportunities which they have to take very seriously. Even with that, there will still be an eventual end in their athletic careers someday. That is why I always start my submission by saying, they should never abandon their books.

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As to how I ended my career, I can say that there is no one to blame. There are always challenges in every mans life and the same applies to any career you choose to pursue.
One of the biggest challenges I have identified is that long-distance running has never been taken seriously in Ghana. We were denied a lot of opportunities. Opportunities that could have given us the exposure. The same way we were denied, the same way we equally missed some ourselves. Akuka William Pens Down Emotional Statement About His Athletics Career
In Ghana we have two ways; It’s either you leave the country or you end up with no future as an athlete and even I don’t know if we have plans/strategies for those who are able to make it outside the country after school..This was my biggest setback. We are indirectly telling athletes who are not able to go outside the country that they have no future in athletics for staying in their own country to hone their skills and perfect their craft.
What plan/strategies are we going to put in place to help these athletes in the country!!

                                   We look for scholarships for athletes who are able to take the time outside the country but do we do the same for other athletes who are in the country in the various universities in order to encourage them? I see a lot of coaching courses being organized around the country and I am elated. This is because our coaches should be given the highest upgrades in their career to enable them to give out their best in developing the young athletes. We have to start all over again from somewhere; be it the basics and maybe the ” New era” could be materialized…
As to whether I am too old to run again? Per my age, this is the proper time for me to do proper long-distance running. But I only weigh my chances per the environment I find myself in and move on to build a new career path where I think could help me and also help the young athletes coming.. You find out it’s sometimes not easy when you interact with the young athletes. When you advise them and they hardly follow and don’t take it seriously.
We made a lot of mistakes so it’s our responsibility to educate the young not to repeat these same mistakes as well.
If we want to see the young athletes we see today go higher and further in their career, we must start them gradually.
I always tell most of the coaches that the athletes are too young to be running marathons.. In some cases, we see these young athletes taking part in almost every marathon in the country… We are killing them.. It’s going to reduce their speed.. It takes a lot of energy from them.. The young athletes who should be making good time in 5km and 10km can not and this is because they are always conditioned to run 42.2km.. Not even once a year but sometimes twice or thrice.. The conditioning for the marathon is far different from the conditioning for 5000m and 10000m.. ⚠️Sometimes you even see 800m and 1500m athletes running the marathon in Ghana⚠️. We have many strong young long-distance athletes who can get us Gold in Olympics in (5km & 10km) if and when we guide them well.
I remember those days Mr Bawa (GAA, CEO) used to tell me to stop running marathon all the time because it will reduce my speed but trust me, I didn’t listen to him.. In fact, it took me out of track early that I couldn’t take the time I should have in 800m and 1500m….
Everybody is an athlete, we compete in every race. There is no senior nor junior. Even in the coaching aspect, it’s the same.. No mentorship and no hierarchy.. All these are affecting our progress in athletics.
In addition to all these being said, I must say we don’t have any plan/strategy for athletics as a nation and to me, this is our biggest flaw and fault.. The young look up to us, and as a nation are we going to keep on disappointing them?
Till we put down a plan/strategy for them, it will be difficult.. All that we are doing may never materialize or yield very little and disappointing outcomes.

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