Akim Oda 2022: Team Upper East Arrives

A total of 16 contingents arrived from their respective regions yesterday for this all important National assignment.

The Upper East team arrived in Akim Oda yesterday at about 21hrs GMT and reported at the Akim Oda Municipal Assembly before being dispatched to their designated hostel.

This morning after a brief rehearsal of the planned programme, all the athletes are being put to familiarization of the route for the race.

At about noon today, the Athletes were taken on a tour to see the biggest tree in West Africa as part of tourist attraction to this National assignment.

Upper East Region this year presented 12 Athletes to represent the Region in this year’s National Cross Country.

Out of the 12 contingent, there’s an equal proportions of both males and females.

Bazaar Kurug Morris, Danyagri Jamaldeen, Assana Ndebugri Felix, Moryuri Faisal Asubiga, Alale Eliasu and Agaal Isaaka Yussif makes up the male team.

The female team consist of Alabugri Rafiatu Awinpoka, Christiana Amoak, Mary Babont, Sadat Juliana Lariba, Adombila Sarafina and Kombat Hawa.

Accompanying the team is the Upper East Regional Sports Director, regional Athletics coach, and some officials from the regional directorate of the National Sports Authority in the Upper East Region.

We have every trust in the Upper East team and may God Almighty brings the team back home with the ultimate trophy.

By Abdul R.A Salam, Marketing Officer, NSA-UER

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