African Senior Championships In Jeopardy

African Senior Championships In Jeopardy
The host nation of the African Senior Championships has now become a foreplay game.
Africa countries are keen to make their continent become an integral part of the running world. Most of the athletes are not well recognised when they are in Africa but they always become extraordinary when they move to the other continents. African Senior Championships in jeopardy.
Why is that so?


Although coronavirus had caused a lot harm in our world and we all attest to that fact.
We usually call them the Western World and we believe the moment you get there everything changes in your life a person. This ideology doesn’t applies to only the athletes but the general public.
We not in normal times but they are trying and doing their very best to organise Athletics events.
Just ended was the World Athletics Relays Championships in Silesia, which got the attention of the world.
On going is the World Athletics Continental Gold Tour although the coronavirus cases are far super exceeds as compared to Africa.
Our only continental event to be organised prior to the Tokyo Olympic Games has now become a tossing dice. African Senior Championships host nation has now become foreplay agenda.
Currently there has been three countries that welcomed the championship to be hosted in a grand style.
Unfortunately none of them were able to make it a success and now the championships is like to be canceled.
The initial plan was to help some of the athletes to able to get the Tokyo Olympic Games Qualifying time when the games was planned. African Senior Championships in jeopardy.
Later it came as a support for the athletes to be used as preparation towards the Tokyo Olympic Games.
Lastly the championship is likely to be canceled due to a host nation.


Are we lacking the technical expertise when it comes to organising of competitions?
Are we lacking the necessary resources?
Can Africa be a hub of Athletes to the world?

By Sekyere Richard

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