A Survey On The Ban On School Sports - Ghana Sports

A Survey On The Ban On School Sports – Ghana Sports

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The athleticshour team has come across a survey which is being conducted by some lecturers in our universities in Ghana. The motive behind this survey is to gather all the necessary information on the ban on school sports in Ghana.

We are researchers conducting a study on the influence of the ban on school sports on training amongst university sportsmen and women.
We are inviting you to kindly complete this questionnaire. You are assured of confidentiality and that response to the questionnaire is strictly for the researcher’s purpose. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions asked.


For further information, contact Mr. Francis Frimpong on telephone number 0244626224 or email ffrimpong@uew.edu.gh Or Yayra Kluboito on 0275296709, email: ykluboito@uew.edu.gh

“This research is being conducted to find out from university athletes how their training changed and their feelings towards training since the ban on school sports due to COVID-19. Please do well to answer the questions to the best of your ability. Information provided will be used for academic purposes only and your identity as a respondent will be kept confidential. For any further information please do well to contact Yayra on 0209886403 or Francis on 0244626224.
If you consent to complete this questionnaire, please answer YES to the first question. Thank you.”
What to expect.
Do you consent to answer the following questions? *
Type of sports
University of affiliation *
Level of study *
Highest level of competition *
Since the ban on school sports, how often have you been training in a week? *
Before the ban on school sports, how often were you training in a week? *
What have been your training goals when you train since the ban? *
Cardiovascular strength
Muscular strength
Cardiovascular endurance
Muscular endurance
Sport-specific activities
What are your reasons for keeping up with training?
Increase weight
Reduce weight
Muscle growth
Maintain weight
General health
Training for competition
Stress management
Enjoyment or Leisure
Which equipment are available for you to train with?
Resistance bands
Kettle balls
Barbells and plates
Stationary machines
Rate on a scale of one to ten (1-10), your feeling of motivation to train.
Rate on a scale of one to ten (1-10), your feeling of training satisfaction

Kindly find attached the link to the questionnaire

Click Here

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