A dream Come True For Nadia Eke Olympian

A dream Come True For Nadia Eke Olympian

Nadia Eke the Ghanaian Triple Jump Record Holder was in action this morning. She jumped three times in her preliminary round to be able to qualify for the next stage. Unfortunately, all her jumps were counted as null and void due to technical errors.

She was the only track and field lady who managed to qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games. She was going into the games as an amateur Olympian and learning more for her future competitions.

Nadia is now 28 years and she has another 10 years ahead of her to compete. Although getting the Olympic Qualification time takes years of preparation, time, and dedication. You need to sacrifice and sometimes leave your family to train else. That qualification alone speaks about how the athletes have really worked hard to reach this stage. A dream come true for Nadia Eke Olympian.


The full list of the qualified athletes. The qualification standard was 14.40 (Q) or at least 12 best performers (q)

Group A

  1. Yulimar Rojas = 14.77
  2. Ana Peleteiro = 14.62 SB
  3. Catherine Ibarguen = 14.37 SB
  4. Kimberly Williams = 14.30
  5. Keturah Orji = 14.26

Group B

  1. Thea Lafond = 14.60 NR
  2. Patricia Mamona = 14.54
  3. Liadagmis Povea = 14.50
  4. Shanieka Ricketts = 14.43
  5. Hanna Minenko = 14.36 SB
  6. Rouguy Diallo = 14.29
  7. Kristina Makela = 14.21

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June 2022
  1. Ibrahim, I’m proud of you. I pray you reach where ever you want to 🙏🏽🤲🏽📿 I hope to see you…

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