800m Work Out Week 4

800m Work Out Week 3 

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For runners, we’ve put together an intense 800m workout. All levels of athletes can benefit from this workout. This is always race-ready, and we’ll update it every week for the next four weeks. 800m Work Out Week 3.

Week 3
Monday: morning – 20 – 30 min tempo run

Evening – rest

Tuesday: morning – warm up + 5×200m/3min rest + 5×50m/2min rest + cool down
Evening- 30-40min easy run

Wednesday: 60min moderate run
Evening- rest / gym / cycling/ swimming / easy run

Thursday: morning – warm up + 5×400m/5min rest (90-95% threshold)
Evening – 8km recovery run

Friday: morning – 5×50m/100m/200m hill repeats
Evening – 5km easy run

Saturday: fartlek – 12×60sec on / 3min off

Sunday: 40min recovery run

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