8 weeks full 5km Training Plan For Amateurs (Semi)

8 weeks full 5km Training Plan For Amateurs (Semi)

Weeks Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Week 1 50 min (ea) 8km (ea) 15×300m/300m 45 min (rec) 60 min (ea) 45 min (mod)
Week 2 40 min(ea) 6×1km/3min 50 min (rec) 10 km (ea) 30 min (ea) 60 min (tem)
Week 3 5 km (mod) 45 min (ea) 15×400m/400m 40 min (ea) rest 10km (tem)
Week 4 60 (ea) 30 min (ea) + 10×60sec (hill rep) 40 min (mod) 10×2min/1min


30 min (rec) 60 (ea)
Week 5 40 min (mod) 8×800m/400m 40 min (ea) 25 min (mod) 30 min (ea) 5 km (tem)
Week 6 30 min (ea) 40 min (ea) 15×2min/1min


45 min (ea) rest 10 km (test run)
Week 7 60 min (rec) 7km (ea) Rest 6×1km/3min rest 40 min (rec) 50 min (ea)
Week 8 30 min (ea) 5×400m/400m 30 min (ea) 30 min (ea) 15 min + 10×200m/200m RACE DAY


General Key

*min* minutes. The time you run indicates the minutes, you can use your normal watch or your phone to determine or check your time

*km* kilometres. It is the distance you running. Now we have a lot of running watches which we used to calculate the distance. If you not having the running watch you can use your phone.


*ea* easy run. This type of run must be free and you shouldn’t rush. You can move at any pace you wish. But you must feel comfortable and can chat with your mates while running.

*m* metres. It is mostly used for short distances and for tracks measurements.

*rec* recovery run. The recovery run is very important for all athletes. It helps to prevent and reduce some load from the legs. It also helps to build your whole system to adjust to running.

*mod* moderate. The moderate run is a steady running pace that the athletes use to determine his/her running style. This is not a speed workout.

*tem* tempo run. The tempo is a specific speed workout. The tempo runs vary according to your level but it’s a continuous steady pace running. Tempo runs have no rest when you start you finish at the same pace or higher but the pace doesn’t decrease.

*hill rep* hill repetition. Is the same as a speed workout, you will find a piece of the slope of hills and run-up. We also have downhills speed work but it’s not often.


*fart* fartlek. The fartlek is also speed work but often done on the road. In this type of workout, you start one for speed and after rest with an easy run and continue till the duration of the sets.

*test run* the pace must be the same as in a competition. It is used to check whether training is going on well or not.

8 weeks full 5km Training Plan For Amateurs (Semi).

Note: Don’t train while injured or feeling any pains, dizziness, or any abnormalities in your body. Rest for at least 2-3 days and start again. But if the injury still persists after resting, you can leave us a message.


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