6 Days in the Dome Update
6 Days in the Dome Update
6 Days in the Dome Update
Viktoria Brown of Canada. Pic: Tuan Nguyen
6 Days in the Dome Update – 3:00am CDT. 135 miles into the 144 hour race. 9 hours to go. We started following the 6 Days in the Dome race on Saturday last week. We then went off the grid for four days, only to come back and pick right back up!!
Only in a 6 Day race!!
Canada’s Viktoria Brown continues to lead.She defended a hard push by  Ireland’s Eoin Keith – Athlete about 110 hours into the 144 hour race. After matching his pace for an hour, Viktoria sent the message-she was not going to relinquish her lead.
Viktoria now holds a 31 mile lead on #2 Ella Lombardi, and 46 mile lead over Keith.
With 9 hours to go and 435 miles (701 km) banked, she is well on pace for the Canadian 6 Day record (454 miles / 731 km).
If she holds her average, 18:37 minutes/ mile, she will track just under the World AG RECORD, though hitting that will be tough.
Earlier in the week, Victorian set NEW Canadian woman’s 48 Hour and 72 Hour Records!
We show her longest lap (nap?) in over 5 days was 1 hour 45 minutes. She just logged another 1 hour 41 break, likely her last of the race. Back to chasing records…..
So not much sleep, at least at one time.
Incredible performance!!
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