5km Training Plan

5km Training Plan

A progressive 5km training plan for semi-advanced athletes. This training will help you to run a new personal best after the 5 weeks.


Rest if you have any unusual pains. Free training semi-advanced 5km training plan for both categories.

NB: You do it at your own risk!

Week 1

Morning  Evening
Monday 8km m 10km e
Tuesday 8km e 10km e
Wednesday 3x200m/200m, 4x400m/400m, 5x500m/200m walk + 200m jog sw 5km r
Thursday 8km m 12km m
Friday 10km t 10km e
Saturday 15km le
Sunday 10km r


Week 2

Days Morning Evening
Monday 12km m  8km e
Tuesday 3x3km/5min rest 5km easy
Wednesday 10km m 10km e
Thursday 15x200m/walk down (hill) 8km r
Friday 5x5min/2min f 10km r
Saturday 90minutes e
Sunday 60minutes e


Week 3

Days Morning Evening
Monday 10km t 50 minutes e
Tuesday 12km v = 6km wu + 6km s 60 minutes r
Wednesday 10km e 10km e
Thursday 7x1km/400m 8km e
Friday 8km e 5km e
Saturday 15km t
Sunday 45 minutes e


Week 4

Days Morning Evening
Monday 12km m 8km m
Tuesday 5×300-400m hill m/walk down 10km r
Wednesday 8km e 12km e
Thursday 10km m 8km e
Friday 20x400m/400m Gym/physical/rest
Saturday 20km m
Sunday rest


Week 5

Days Morning Evening
Monday 60minutes m 10km e
Tuesday 25x200m/200m 10km r
Wednesday 10km m 8km m
Thursday 4x10min/2min 10km e
Friday 60minutes m 45min e
Saturday 5km test run
Sunday 30 min e



E – easy run

M – moderate run

F – Fartlek

L – long run

T – tempo run

SW – speed work

T – track

H – hills

R – recovery

V – variations

WU – warm-up

S – speed

All speed work must start with warm up and cool down after.

The least warm-up in minutes must be 30-45minutes + drills + stretches and cool-down must be 10-15minutes

The least warm-up in km must be 3-4km + drills + stretches and cool down must be 1.5km – 2km.

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