5 reasons why you feel sleepy at all times.

The body is very energetic as soon as you wake up from bed. Meanwhile, what most causes an individual to feel tired is actually stress. In other cases, you haven’t had any  work to feel stressful but end up feeling sleepy and very tired.

These are some possible ways that makes you feel inactive in the day light;

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Food is where we get most  of our energy . if you skip meals, you don’t get enough nutritious food, compared to eating a lot of junk food. You may not be providing enough fuel for your body. Your diet is a very important part that plays major role in your body.

Poor Sleep Habits
The most common cause of feeling too sleepy or drowsy during the daytime might be the most obvious: You’re simply not getting enough sleep when supposed to.

Better sleep works a lot at dawn and also in the afternoons if you are stressed up.

Young beautiful Caucasian woman on bed having headache / insomnia / migraine / stress

Overexertion or  too much Exercising
Exercising too much or overexerting yourself in other ways can leave your body too depleted to recover overnight, leaving you feeling tired, unmotivated, and possibly even dealing with insomnia.

Psychological stress can have a big impact on how much and how well you sleep, and, compounding the problem, lack of sleep can make you feel more stressed.

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