3 Weeks Intensive 12km Training Plan

3 Weeks Intensive 12km Training Plan

Our training plans have been rated by some professional coaches and athletes as one of the best on the internet. We posted 12 weeks training plan on our Facebook official page Athletics Hour and to our surprise, one of the Kenyan Marathon runners was using it for his half-marathon debut.

He later wrote us that we need to give him a special training plan again. He run to surprise the elite athletes. He said “I am an amateur athlete from Kenya and I was searching for a good training plan for my first half marathon race. So I came across your Facebook page and found a 12 week half marathon training plan. I followed it and during the race, I surprised the elite athletes and placed 4 overall, although I didn’t get the chance to start with the elite. Your training plan is the same as the Kenyan elite training plan. Thank you for the help”.

This 3 weeks intensive 12km training plan was a quick answer to resolve the 24km race which we found out that there will be an additional 12km race for both ladies and juveniles.


Week 1

The week 1 training plan has been vividly explained. Although we don’t go details in all our free online training plan. We have included the required pace for both categories. You can find this type in our upcoming training book.

Monday: morning – 8km moderate (M-4:00/km, L-4:20/km), evening – 5km tempo (M-3:40-50/km, L-3:50-4:10/km)

Tuesday: morning – 10km easy steady (4:10/km), evening – 15×800m/400m

Wednesday: morning – 12km easy (M-4:20-30/km, L-4:30-50/km), evening rest/gym/swimming/cycling

Thursday: morning – 8km tempo (M-3:50/km, L-4:10/km), evening – 8km easy (M-4:00/km, L-4:20/km)

Friday: morning – 20 × 90 seconds/60 seconds (fartlek 30 minutes speed work and 20 minutes rest), evening – 50 minutes steady easy

Saturday: 15km moderate (at your own pace)

M= men

L= ladies


Week 2

The workload has been reduced but the intensity is the same. The mileage is gradually reducing but the speed, tempo, fartlek, moderate, easy, and steady easy runs are still in action that’s the intensity.  No longer runs more than 90 minutes or more than 20km.

Monday: morning – 10km steady, evening – 6km moderate

Tuesday: morning – 5× 3 minutes / 1 minute rest, evening – 8km steady easy

Wednesday: morning – 60 minutes tempo (preferred pace), evening – gym/rest/cycling/swimming

Thursday: morning – 8km moderate, evening – 20×400m/400m

Friday: morning – 10km easy, evening – 8km moderate

Saturday: 60 minutes tempo


Week 3

The last week of the competition training is always done once a day. The body needs maximum rest now and be ready for the big clash ahead. You can train either morning or evening that’s your preferred time.

Monday: 30 minutes + 10×400m/400m

Tuesday: 60 minutes moderate

Wednesday: 30 minutes + 10×200m/200m

Thursday: 40 minutes easy + strides

Friday: 30 minutes + strides + maximum stretch

Saturday: race day

Good luck in your race!

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