24 Ghanaian Coaches Complete World Athletics Level I Course

24 Ghanaian Coaches Complete World Athletics Level I Course

24 Ghanaian Coaches have successfully completed the World Athletics Level I Coaching Course in Ghana. The Ghana Athletics Association (GAA) has certified 24 Ghanaian Athletics Coaches yesterday on 3rd December 2021.

The Coaching Education and Certification System (CECS) lasted for 13 days at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi, Ashanti Region.

The World Athletics Level I Coaching Course started on Wednesday 22nd November and ended on Saturday 3rd December 2021.

Early last year before the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, GAA organised the Beginners Coaching Course for the coaches and later this year, held the Advance Coaching Corse as well. The purpose of the Advanced Coaching Course is to prepare the coaches for the CECS.

Coaches from the various security services, universities, athletics clubs, senior high schools among others are all present at the Coaches Education and Certification System (CECS) Level I Coaching Course.

Mr. Rueben Nortey (Coach Milo) said “I thank God I have passed through another level in coaching and am grateful to the almighty God”.

“The Ghana Athletics Association has officially certified 24 level I coaches under the World Athletics Coaches Education and Certification System (CESC) in KNUST, Kumasi.

Congratulations to all the participants and we wish them the best in all their endeavours on the track and field” said Portwel Boakye Yiadom on his official Facebook account.

A few of the coaches were Agbeko Shepherd, Georgina Sowah, Akuka William, Rueben Nortey Emmanuel Appiah Kubi, Yelewana Zananta, Bernard Addo Mensah amongst others.

Meanwhile, some of the coaches have progressed to the next level to do the next coaching courses as well.

Some also took to social media to praise the Ghana Athletics Association for organising such courses for the coaches.

Lecturers of the eleven-day program were Salamatu Musah, Christopher Darko-Amakwah, Julius Baba Apidogo, Mark Dradosi, and Osei Asibey.

Athleticshour.com congratulates all the 24 coaches and wishes those who have qualified to the next stage good luck. The Better Ghana Athletics Agenda is still on.

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