14 Best Foods For All Athletes

14 Best Foods For All Athletes

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The 14 best foods that athletes should eat everyday. Add these into your daily meals. They can be eaten either in the morning, afternoon or evening.

In our next post we all discuss about food that needs to be eaten before and after a workout. 

10 Foods Athletes Should Eat

Below are the foods that all athletes should eat regardless of your level and the kind of disciplines .

Science in sports is now very important and it has improved sports in recent years in all aspects.  

10 Foods that Athletes Should Avoid

1. Salmon
2. Berries
3. Legumes / Beans
4. Banana
5. Vegetables
6. Pasta
7. Hydrating foods
8. Soy Milk
9. Oatmeal
10. Sweet Potato
11. Nuts
12. Whey protein
13. Cherries
14. Coconut oil
15. Olive oil
16. Flax-seed oil

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